ArmourBite® Mouthguard

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The ArmourBite® Mouthguard (featuring our patented Power Wedges™) unlocks the power of your jaw, while reducing the impact from blows to your jaw. So you can reach your full potential as an athlete, safely. Perfect for sports like rugby, boxing, MMA, hockey, lacrosse.

Includes £20,000 dental warranty

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The ArmourBite® Mouthguard delivers multi-patented technology. The performance is proven in independent scientific studies. The advantages are undeniable.


  • Quick and easy “boil and bite” fit
  • Available in blue, clear, red, green, pink and yellow colours
  • Available in sizes Youth and Adult
  • Includes strap, ArmourPlate™ insert & Fitting Tool
  • Latex free
  • Not for use with braces
  • Accessories available


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I just bought my second one so I have an extra. This is the best mouth guard I have used in 40 years of powerlifting. I have 15 grand worth of dental implants in my front teeth, and since this mouth guard engages my back teeth there is no pressure on them, there is no doubt I can lift more safely while I am using it. Thanks for the GREAT product!!!!

I purchased this mouth guard for my son due to the reviews of others. I must say it works as stated. My son says it to comfortable to wear as well. It was more expensive than other guards, but with dental warranty is a plus-hopefully we won’t need to use it!

Fits perfectly. The design is excellent.